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When newly engaged couples embark on their adventure to get married, they are full of excitement and plans for their ideal wedding. In most scenarios, this is their first wedding, so they are likely to need certain amounts of guidance along the way. They have ideas about what they are looking for and so the search begins.

So, they come across you. You could be a wedding planner or coordinator, a photographer or venue stylist, maybe a florist or caterer. Whatever service you offer, they are looking for and they have found you. Obviously, you want to give them the best possible experience and this starts from the very first impression. They are impressed so far with your website and portfolio, so now it’s time to get down to business. Securing that first meeting.

So how do you get those all important wedding client details? Everybody approaches this process differently. Some just have their phone number and email address showing, so that the potential couple can contact them. Others have a small contact form for the couple to leave their details to be contacted. The question is, what details do you ask for?

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You don’t want to overwhelm your potential couple with a massive complicated form; they will likely just pass straight on over to the next person offering the same services as you. If you get, however, just enough information so that when you do meet, you are armed with certain details, you should be able to ask more practical questions and avoid awkward ones, such as what is your budget? Don’t get me wrong, budget is an imperative subject to be discussed when planning a wedding, but if you are a high end supplier, and your couple are at the low end of the budget spectrum, having a full blown consultation is likely to be a frustrating waste of time on everyone’s behalf, am I right? So, let’s get down to those juicy wedding client details you need to know before any meetings are booked in.

names and contact details

Bit obvious, this one! You need both parties’ names and contact details, ideally contact numbers and emails. Getting both parties’ details here is great because it is their wedding and from this moment on, they are really planning this wedding as a partnership. Whether one is more involved in the process than the other is irrelevant.

wedding date

Another obvious one! There is no point in beginning a planning relationship with a couple if their wedding date clashes on a day you are already booked out. Or is there? If you have people that work with you that could take this wedding on, that is awesome! Maybe, you could even fit both commitments in on the same day with a bit of organization. Either way, the actual wedding date is an important piece of information to know right from the get-go!


Ahh yes, there is the awkward one. As above, it really is helpful right from the outset to know what kind of budget you are dealing with. It certainly doesn’t need to be an exact figure at this point, but a range is useful. It sounds harsh but it really is not worth going any further if you are not priced within the couple’s budget and it would be unfair on all parties to continue.

wedding planners, wedding stylists, wedding photographers, wedding industry, wedding clients, engaged couples, wedmin


wedding planners, wedding stylists, wedding photographers, wedding industry, wedding clients, engaged couples, wedmin

Say you are a wedding venue stylist who specialises in low key, modest and classy décor. Even though that sounds lovely to a lot of people, it might not necessarily fit in with a couple who wants a lavish and glamourous style wedding with massive centrepieces and glitzy backdrops.

Another reason for asking about the style at the beginning is so you can bring along resources that reflect that style if you do cater for it. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, knowing a couple’s ideal wedding style means you can bring along your portfolio.

So, there are a few helpful details to ask for right from the outset before your actual consultation. Now these details could be gleaned on your contact form, or over the phone when booking that initial meeting. Either way, they could prove useful as a basis, so you are not going into an initial wedding consultation blind. It’s important to remember that by asking these types of questions initially not only helps you gain information, but it helps engaged couples looking to book your services, feel like you are taking an interest in them.

something to think about...

How about an automated version of these questions? Something that could be automatically emailed to your prospective couples as soon as they request a consultation. What if their answers automatically filled themselves in on your consultation form so you have them right there and ready to go with you? Ask me how here!

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Hope you enjoyed these tips and that you put them into practice! Have you got some killer client intake tips to share? I’d love to hear about them! Leave them in the comments below!

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