Time Management Tools to Help you Smash it! – Part 2

Finally! Here is Part 2 of my top 5 time management tools. Enjoy!


We’ve all had that annoying problem where you need to access to online files or emails and for some unknown reason, the program just will not let you in. You just KNOW you have the right login details, why would you forget something so important, right??

Chill my friend, it happens to all of us, that is why there are fantastic little apps like LastPass!  LastPass, password, security, Password manager, app, website security
It’s a password management application which stores your usernames, passwords, even your credit card details in one big vault. You have a master password (which you really do need to remember!), then LastPass helps you with the rest! It will automatically fill in the fields which you have already saved for specific accounts, saving you time and the stress of trying to figure out which password or email address you happened to use.

LastPass, interface, password manager, screenshot, password app

One of the other benefits of this particular application is that you can share passwords with other users. On the free version, you may only share to one person at a time. Why would you want to share your security details with someone else, I hear you ask? Well, in some cases, you may be sharing an account with another family member, or you may have someone working with you who needs access to your email account. This clever app logs the other person in safely and securely without divulging your information. Nifty huh? The only snag is, the other person must also have a LastPass account but, in all fairness, the sign-up process is very quick and easy.




Scannable by Evernote

Evernote, the trusty web clipping app which I may talk about in the future, has released a companion scanning app. scannable, evernote, scanning app, phone scanner, iphone, ios, time management
Scannable actually takes a remarkably clear, accurate scan of all sorts of documents, business cards, even receipts on your mobile device.

You can crop, rotate and delete your scans if you so choose and you can save them into your Evernote account or camera roll. You can also message the content directly to someone, share via email, even export to other compatible apps and social media.
When scanning business cards, the app logs the details of that particular contact for you, making access to that information more efficient. If that wasn’t enough, this awesome little app then searches for that contact on LinkedIn and gives you the option to connect! I fell in love with it the minute I started using it.

So, that is my top five time management tools that I use regularly to keep my business ticking over nicely. Have you used any of these? Do you like them? What do you use? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments.


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