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Useful questions to ask potential wedding clients! When newly engaged couples embark on their adventure to get married, they are full of excitement and plans for their ideal wedding. In most scenarios, this is their first wedding, so they are likely to need certain amounts of guidance along the way. They have ideas about what […]

Wedding Planning

Wedding client details

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Networking on Facebook like a Boss! Networking for your wedding business doesn’t just have to be at that monthly coffee morning anymore, it can be done online too! If, like most of the population, you are on Facebook, you can use this to huge advantage. There are great opportunities on this platform to network with […]

Wedding Planning

Networking on Facebook for your Wedding Business

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Get the Most Out of Your Time with Calendar Blocking In all honesty, how productive are you? Are there times when you’ve got reams and reams of lists of things to do but you don’t know where to start? If so my friend, read on and find out about the awesomeness that is calendar blocking. […]

Wedding Planning

Calendar Blocking

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Key Items Every Wedding Planner Should Have When Working a Couple’s Wedding Wedding planners, this is it. Months and months of careful planning and precise preparation have led to this moment. The couple that you have been working with so hard are finally about to tie the knot.  So, your job is done right? No, not even close. If you […]

Wedding Planning

Items Every Wedding Planner Needs in their Kit

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Are you having a Christmas break? With the festive season practically upon us, most companies are beginning to wind down. Some places are closed for one or two days, others, the whole period between Christmas and New Year. For entrepreneurs and sole trading business owners, however, it isn’t quite that easy. Especially in the wedding […]

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Packing up for Christmas for a Wedding Business

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