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How to Write Great Wedding Blogs

How to Write Great Wedding Blogs A guide to writing great wedding blogs for professionals in the industry. Blogging creates brand trust and nurtures relationships with current or future customers. (Source) As a wedding professional, planner, photographer or supplier, the last thing you want to be doing is writing wedding blogs when you need to …

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Client intake process

Wedding client details

Useful questions to ask potential wedding clients! When newly engaged couples embark on their adventure to get married, they are full of excitement and plans for their ideal wedding. In most scenarios, this is their first wedding, so they are likely to need certain amounts of guidance along the way. They have ideas about what …

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6 Ways to Network like a Pro

6 Ways to Network like a Pro

6 Ways to Network like a Pro In this industry, you gotta know people, right? Or, it’s not necessarily WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. Clichés aside, it really cannot be stressed enough how important networking is for wedding professionals like your lovely self. Getting your name and business out there and well known …

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Networking for Wedding Planners

In this post, Valerie Pritt, of Engaged Wedding Planner Academy, shares why networking is so important in the wedding planners industry, how to network effectively, and where to focus your networking efforts.