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Calendar Blocking

Get the Most Out of Your Time with Calendar Blocking In all honesty, how productive are you? Are there times when you’ve got reams and reams of lists of things to do but you don’t know where to start? If so my friend, read on and find out about the awesomeness that is calendar blocking.

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Time Management Tools to Help you Smash it! – Part 2

Finally! Here is Part 2 of my top 5 time management tools. Enjoy! LastPass We’ve all had that annoying problem where you need to access to online files or emails and for some unknown reason, the program just will not let you in. You just KNOW you have the right login details, why would you

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Time management

5 Time Management Tools – Part 1

With technology and social media ever increasingly advancing, it’s important to roll with the punches. Various applications and programs are popping up everywhere, designed to optimise work and business. Which are a help and which hinder though? This 2 part blog article gives an overview of my most valued programs in terms of time management

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