5 Reasons to Keep Posting on Social Media for your Wedding Business During COVID-19

5 Reasons to Keep Posting on Social Media for your Wedding Business During COVID-19

Why you need to keep up with your wedding business social media.

“Effective marketing requires repetition and long-term investment even in a recession or global crisis. The biggest way of being visible right now and being successful as we exit this period is to continue with your usual marketing plans and actually invest more time in nurturing those channels and relationships.” (Coco Wedding Venues)

When it comes to marketing your wedding business, you know you must be out there and on it all the time. Networking, marketing, social media, it’s endless but necessary if you want your business to be noticed and clients to book up with you.

5 Reasons to Keep Posting on Social Media for your Wedding Business During COVID-19

However, when weddings are out of action, the country is on lockdown and there’s a deadly global pandemic with ever increasing cases, it may feel like continuing to market your wedding business on social media is like banging your head against a brick wall. Am I right?

Of course, it is natural to feel like that and if you want, you should take a step back for a week or two. However, don’t give up on it completely. Let me give you some reasons why.

Spread a little light

Continuing to post on your social media gives your audience some peace of mind, you are reassuring them. Remember, a lot of couples are worrying about what’s going to happen with their weddings. Are there ways you can help them feel better?

Tip – Go live, whether on stories or in your feeds, share some behind the scenes, some real life, some positivity. Share that you are still there for your audience.

Keep building an online presence

With any business nowadays, you absolutely need a strong presence online. It’s where most people are, after all. It’s likely where your target audience and potential clients are. We are in a digital era, plus people are at home more right now, working from home, going online more often, etc. So, it’s imperative that you are there to build that presence and keep it going, pandemic or no pandemic. It puts you on the map, and by consistently posting, it keeps you there.

Tip – Keep an eye on those analytics, I bet your impressions and views are still high! Your posts are being seen!

Future Wedding Bookings

Yes, it’s true that the pandemic has brought the concept of weddings as we know them crashing down. Add the latest lockdown rules and we might as well give up on weddings altogether
right? Er, no way! Potential new couples are watching you! Are you going to show them that you fold easily, or are you going to stand up and be counted? Don’t forget people who are planning weddings for next year, the year after, even the year after that. Show them you still mean business!

Tip – Everyone loves a throwback! Pepper that grid with bookings gone by, show past weddings you’ve worked at, show your work, shout out to couples on their anniversary!

Support Other Wedding Vendors

Being present on social media is not just about showing up for potential clients, you know. It’s also about supporting other vendors and suppliers in the industry. We really are all in this together and times like this are perfect for showing solidarity. Using social media is also great for increasing your network, getting to know more people and businesses in the industry. Get talking to people, engage on their accounts and posts, send direct messages, connect!


Support other wedding vendors

Tip – Always tag the other vendors in any of your posted work that they were involved with. Be complimentary and humble, don’t forget, you worked as a team to pull off those weddings. Also, why not give a shout out to a fellow vendor every now and again in your stories? Share the love!

Give Wedding Tips and Expertise

Wedding Tips and Advice

This is a fantastic time to be giving out tips and advice to your audience. It’s also a great time to inspire them. Be creative, show latest trends and share throwbacks. Offer tips and be available to ‘virtually assist’ your clients if possible.

Tip – If you are feeling confident, why not host mini masterclasses live on your social media? What little tips and advice can you offer live?

I know, it is so hard right now, we are all suffering, both personally and as business owners. Trust me when I say I totally sympathise with you wanting to throw the towel in. But keep going. Keep posting. Keep showing up for your business and your clients. This pandemic will not last forever, don’t let it beat you.

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