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Get Rid of the Stress in your Business

Let’s get down to business. You’re sitting in your office at 7 pm on a Friday evening after a long, tiring week and the phone rings. It’s an important potential client cancelling a meeting and asking to reschedule. Your diary for the remainder of the month is pretty much full and you don’t have the headspace at that time to switch things around but you need to get something booked because you can’t afford to lose this particular lead.

You have a set of sales figures that you need to collate into a spreadsheet and somehow organise into a report. You’ve planned to do this amongst other things over the weekend because you simply don’t have time to do it in working hours. You have clients on top of clients that you need to follow up with but are just dropping off the radar because you haven’t yet got around to contacting them. Not to mention you have invoices to send and chase… All this as well as trying to have a decent family life.

Sound familiar? How about this? You need to get yourself out there and know you have to tackle the big bad world of social media but have no idea how to break through. You have read blogs but have no idea how to start one, let alone post in it regularly. You have heard of Instagrams and hashtags but you thought they were just weird slang words that your teenage daughter uses with her friends.

You know you need a secretary, PA, administrative assistant, bookkeeper, guidance counsellor, robot… But you neither have the office space, finances, plus they haven’t yet made the perfect clonable robot with automatic artificial intelligence.

Pulling your hair out yet? Enter a virtual assistant.

Outsource it!

Virtual assistants are a remote team of people that you can outsource certain tasks to that you really don’t need to be doing yourself. You can have them involved with your business as much or as little as you wish. In fact, with the right person, you can practically clone yourself. Hiring someone you can trust to take care of those pesky day to day office tasks can take an immense load off your shoulders.

Having a physical back office admin team is great but does have a lot of pitfalls. Sickness and holidays, for example, can create problems for businesses which can be resolved through the use of a virtual assistant. You only pay for the work completed so there is no worry about finding extra finances to pay someone to take the reins as well as covering an employee’s sick or holiday wage. Don’t forget also, summer is here, along with barbecue sizzlers and cool summer drinks come headaches with sudden staff shortages.

With outsourcing, you know beforehand that person’s availability and can work with them to ensure the right tasks are prioritised and completed in a timely manner.

Employee National Insurance and pension schemes? Not needed as a virtual assistant is a business entity of their own so they take care of all their own costs.

More and more business are turning to virtual assistants now, mainly for time freedom and productivity. If you can afford it, outsource and do the things that make you happy in your business.



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