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Packing up for Christmas for a Wedding Business

Are you having a Christmas break? With the festive season practically upon us, most companies are beginning to wind down. Some places are closed for one or two days, others, the whole period between Christmas and New Year. For entrepreneurs and sole trading business owners, however, it isn’t quite that easy. Especially in the wedding business. There is always work to be done, not necessarily for clients, but behind the scenes work that every business owner has to deal with.

christmas break, christmas, work, business, wedding planner

Will you be breaking up for Christmas? For me, there is always an element of guilt when I take time off. Like I should be working every minute of every day to be able to prove my business is running and to maximize on earning.

Guilt should definitely not dictate to you whether you should spend Christmas with your nose to the grindstone. As a business owner, you are still entitled to well deserved time off, and the best part is, it’s up to you when and how long for!

Obviously, being in the wedding industry, time off depends heavily on commitments in your diary. However, with a few things planned in advance, you should definitely at least have a couple of days to wind down over the Christmas period.

christmas break, wedding planner, business, computer

Pre-scheduling tasks

If you use social media for your wedding business, you know that you can’t just go quiet and disappear. One of the most important things in social media marketing is consistency. Obviously, though, you are not going to be sitting at your laptop on Christmas morning updating your business Instagram while chaos ensues around you. Similarly, the temptation to put up a quick, possibly merry selfie on New Year’s Eve because you have forgotten to post, may seem like a good idea at the time but might be something you regret the next day.

Fear not, there is a solution. Social media scheduling! There are tonnes of programs out there that you can utilize to plan out, schedule and post your content if you’re not able to. Facebook even has one built in! All you have to do is take an hour or two in advance to create and load up your content. The program then takes it from there and posts on your behalf on the times and dates of your choosing! Buffer is a popular choice and they have a free option so it won’t even cost you anything.

Plan your time

As a virtual assistant, I am a planning wiz for everyone I work with. For myself though, I am hopeless. Don’t let personal time management do you out of a break! 

Work out your diary in advance exactly what time off you want and when. Cross these dates off your calendar so they can’t be booked in for work. This is where you must be strict with yourself as it is tempting to switch the dates around. Don’t forget, you’re entitled to a break. If you use a calendar app for your clients to book on like Calendly, make sure you block out those dates on here also.

A couple of weeks in advance, let your clients know about your upcoming downtime. Maybe in a newsletter, if you have a mailing list, or on social media, or by speaking to them individually, it’s up to you but do let them know in advance.

Emergency hours

If you absolutely must work or one of your clients is desperately in need, you may want to offer emergency hours. Depending on the nature of the work involved, you may decide to charge slightly extra for your services at this time. I personally switch off my business line and calendar booking over my Christmas break, but if there is an absolute emergency, my clients know they can reach me by email and I will do my best to accommodate them, within reason.

Hire help

If you can afford it and there is no getting away from work over the festive season, you may want to consider hiring someone to give you some assistance. Say, a couple has planned their wedding for two days after Christmas but you have a massive family get together the evening before. An assistant can help out with all the last minute preparations for the wedding, confirming suppliers, raising invoices etc, leaving you to be able to celebrate with your loved ones for at least a few hours before duty calls. For more information on hiring assistance, click here.

Be prepared

As mentioned before, the behind the scenes work we all have to do is hard to get away from. Hard as you already work, it may be a good idea to put in just a couple of extra hours in per week for the period leading up to your time off, just to get those tiresome things done and out of the way. Yes, it does involve harder work leading up to your break but isn’t a few days of worry-free relaxation worth it?

So, a few ways to try and get some form of rest over the Christmas period. It isn’t easy, as every business owner knows, but it is still important to take care of you so you can take care of your business and your clients to the best of your ability. Have a great one!

Are you having a Christmas break? If so, what measures do you have in place? I would love to know!

Disclaimer: The images in this article are provided by She Bold Stock, of which I am an affiliate. Please do click the image below for more information. If you do decide to purchase from She Bold, I may make a small commission.


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