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7 Tasks Wedding Planners can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

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Busy, busy, busy…

Wedding planning is such a fun, rewarding career. You meet so many interesting people and get to plan and work on the most exciting things. From small and intimate gatherings, to large, sparkling events.  You get to help couples achieve the vision of their perfect day.  

Like with most businesses however, it’s not all sparkle and creativity.  Besides the work that you actually love doing, there is also the work that goes on in the background.  The work that never gets talked about, that gets done very late at night, often into the wee hours of the morning. The things that HAVE to be done to keep the business running.  The question is, do they have to be done by you? Maybe not…


Social media
Nowadays, social media is a definite must in most industries, but more so in weddings and events. It’s one of the best methods of marketing and when utilized correctly, it can be extremely effective.  In addition to that, it gives planners a chance to showcase their work and network with other professionals in their field.
Keeping up with social media can be very time consuming, however.  There is the creation of content, posting it consistently and then keeping up engagement with your audience.  That means interacting with people who follow you.  After all, it is ‘social’ media, right?  Not such a bad thing but the time it can take up is incredible.  Let your virtual assistant take the reins.  Make sure they know your online voice (personality), your expectations and what is/isn’t acceptable to post and away they go!

This is similar to social media in that it takes up a lot of one’s time.  Depending on what you are blogging about, there can be so much research that needs to be done too.  If you are being pushed for time, you can definitely get help for this.  If you prefer to write your own articles though, that is fine too. blogging, blog, virtual assistant, writing, wedding, wedding planner, creative, bride

A virtual assistant can still proofread, edit, add images and upload your articles for you but you’re in control. Some virtual assistants are even adept in SEO and can get your blog and business more exposure.  Not a bad move.

General Administration
Paperwork. You love it right? Drawing up proposals and contracts.  No?  Unfortunately, this kind of paperwork is a definite necessity.  These things have to be done in order to get the show on the road.  Luckily, you don’t have to draw these documents up anymore if you don’t want to.  Someone else can easily take this off your hands.

How about customer and supplier management? Keeping all of your contacts updated and organised in one secure place is a real plus point.  We have all been to those networking events and wedding fairs where you collect business cards, brochures and flyers from other colleagues.  You want to stay in touch with them professionally but it can really take up so much of your limited time cataloging all that information.  Pass it onto someone who can organise all those details in a handy database for you and keep it updated, so you have contacts at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Telephone anEmail Management

Clearly, these two methods of communication are imperative for your business. However, there are times when you are working but unable to answer queries or possible new clients.  You can’t afford to miss them.  So what do you do?  Have someone else handling your calls when you’re unable to!  As for emails, these are a little less urgent but do you really want to be wasting precious time that could be spent elsewhere, filtering out junk mail, spam and mailing lists from potential client enquiries?  Didn’t think so.

There may be times that you need to travel and stay elsewhere, however looking for the best deals may not be something you have the time or inclination for.  Having someone to jump in and do the research, booking and make up your itinerary could be just the help you need.

virtual assistant, va, admin, calendar management, client, wedding planner, crm, bride, weddingCalendar/Diary Management
Having a virtual assistant to manage your calendar for you can be a godsend.  Especially if they are already taking calls for you.  Using cloud-based calendar software makes this even easier.  They can simply book things in for you in real time, make sudden changes if needed, gather any information and notes required and have it all readily available, keeping you constantly updated on where you need to be and when.


Handling your financial affairs in business is no laughing matter and can cause more stress and worry than you need.  Hiring a virtual assistant you can trust to handle this for you may just save you pulling your hair out over your taxes.  As an extra tip though, make sure the person you have hired to do this is Anti Money Laundering registered. It is a legal requirement.

So there you have it, seven ways in which a virtual assistant can help you. There are, of course, many more but these main points tend to be the most requested. Don’t forget, having a virtual assistant is nothing like having an employee, they take care of their own costs, all you do is pay for their time.
So if you find any of these things are your personal bug bear, consider hiring a virtual assistant today and get the time back to do the things you became a wedding planner for.

Disclaimer: The images in this article are provided by She Bold Stock, of which I am an affiliate. Please do click the image below for more information. If you do decide to purchase from She Bold, I may make a small commission.

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