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9 Ways to Stay Motivated in your Wedding Business During the Pandemic

Wedding Industry

October 17, 2020

9 Ways to Stay Motivated in your Wedding Business During the Pandemic

A guide to help you stay motivated and keep going in your wedding business.

2020 looked to be a great year until Covid-19 hit. Suddenly, the world was put under all kinds of lockdowns with social distancing guidelines, people were literally buying everything in sight and weddings and events had been stopped indefinitely. Couples were cancelling weddings all over, and even though postponement was encouraged, a lot of our wedding businesses have suffered badly or gone under completely. No, 2020 was not going to be a great year after all.

Coronavirus has had a detrimental affect globally, but the wedding industry in particular has taken a terrible hit. As business owners in this industry, the virus has taken us on a rollercoaster of situations and circumstances; weddings not being allowed, weddings being allowed with limited numbers, weddings only allowed in certain areas, etc. Nobody knows anymore where they stand, what guidelines apply to them, or when something is going to change next. It is, for want of a better term, soul destroying.

So, what do we do in the face of all this? Do we just pack it all in and do what certain people have suggested and ‘go and get a real job’? Or do we ride it out until the very end? After all, people will always get married somewhere and somehow, and this virus won’t be around forever, will it? Let me help you out with some tips to try and keep you motivated during this difficult time.

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Be Kind to Yourself

I will be the first to admit, I lost my way for a couple of months this year. I couldn’t deal with working my business, so I just worked with the clients I had already booked. I all but disappeared. I felt a lot of guilt about this for a long time until I realised, it was obviously something I needed to do for me. In business, whether you’re in the wedding industry, corporate, fashion, charity, etc, you must take care of you. If you don’t, you will likely find yourself in the position I did back in July. So, step back if you have to, for a day, a week, a month, however long you need or can afford to.

Stop listening to the news. Yes, we all need to know what is going on, to an extent. Updates all day every day about how deaths and infection rates are rising though are not good for your mental health. Try to engage with positive people around you, this will not only help lift your spirits, but it will give you a different perspective on things and hopefully encourage you to keep going. Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not easy and there is nothing wrong with admitting you are struggling and taking time out because of it.

Write a list and make a plan of action

Is there a list of everything that you wanted to accomplish this year? If so, does everything on it still apply? Can you do all these things? Get rid of the ones that you cannot do anything about and focus on the things that you can. Add other things that you think you can achieve in the remainder of this year. Doing this list should help you remember how motivated you were at the beginning of this year and will remind you of all the things that you wanted to get done. If you don’t already have a list, start making one. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to start putting fire back in your belly for your business. Keep in mind however, “this plan will not and should not be penned and framed, as it is organic and will change as your personal and professional circumstances change” Entrepreneur.

Calendar blocking

I am a great advocate of calendar blocking. I find it extremely useful in planning my days and weeks. Sit down at the beginning of the week and plan out everything that you want to get done in your business before the weekend. It can be admin, sending out an invoice, sorting out your social media, writing out a blog, anything you want. Then, add in some realistic timeframes to your calendar for these tasks. So, for instance, on Monday between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM you can schedule planning out your social media for the week. On Tuesday between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, you can schedule some of your admin work. You can pack out your week as much or as little as possible but try and have some kind of visual plan in place. It will help you keep organised and give you something to work towards.

Reward yourself

Not to be confused with being kind to yourself. I listened to a TED talk recently about how people are more likely to do things because of an incentive, rather than not do something because of a consequence. The example they gave was about giving up smoking. The research that had been made showed that people were more likely to give up smoking if they saw the benefits of doing so, such as more money and better health, rather than looking at the consequences, such as packaging with horrifying images of people suffering with cancer.

So, what does this have to do with you and your wedding business? Well, certain tasks like admin and keeping on top of invoices, etc can be rather boring at any time, not least when there is a pandemic on. Knowing that you have got an incentive or reward after you have done this work can motivate you to get it done. Yes, it’s still unpleasant, but it has a benefit at the end.

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Be accountable

Some people find that if they are accountable to somebody, they perform better. Someone that can challenge them and monitor what they are supposed to be doing. Possibly even someone who can be their cheerleader for the person’s successes and still take them to task for things not going so well. Does this apply to you? Do you have somebody that you can be accountable to? Maybe, there is a fellow colleague in the same industry that will do this for you and vice versa? Maybe you could be accountable to your partner at home? If none of these work for you, try and find a mentor that would be willing to hold you accountable in your business. “When you make a commitment to someone else to do something, you’re no longer struggling along on your own. You have someone else counting on you, and most of us feel increased motivation to act when there is a chance we will disappoint someone other than ourselves” Small Business.


A lot of people think self-development is a load of crap. I must be honest, I used to agree. However, if it were not for self-development resources over the last month, I wouldn’t be writing this article now. I listened to podcasts and audiobooks, I watched TED talks and read articles, all on how I could motivate myself to get back in the game.

Now, the self-development is entirely your choice. Whether you are listening to affirmations and practising them, or you believe in the law of attraction and the universe manifesting your goals, it is all up to you. There are excellent podcasts, TED talks, YouTube videos, and books all on different kinds of self-development, that will resonate with everyone, it is just knowing what is right for you. Give it a try. It can really help you with your mindset and how you feel about your business.

Don’t burn yourself out

You may feel like you can take on the world, even right now. You may be totally on it with your wedding business and doing everything you possibly can all at once to keep things going. That is great, but make sure you are having time for yourself as well. Don’t get to the point where you are burning yourself out. Make sure you take time away, get lots of sleep, spend time with loved ones and doing things that you enjoy as well as working on your business. Being burnt out is not good for you and could well signal the end of your business.

Remind yourself of your why

Why did you start your wedding business? Remember that feeling, the one that made you decide that you wanted this. What were your goals? What did you want to achieve? What were you working for? Remember how motivated you were? Write all of this down and get that excitement flowing once again!

Look back on your successes

Up until this year, you did amazing things, you know it! Look back on those things. Celebrate them. Remind yourself of how good it felt when you accomplished what you did. If you are a wedding planner, look back on those beautiful weddings that you pulled off. Are you a wedding entertainer? Look back on how many people you made happy, look at your reviews and your testimonials at how fantastic your services were! Are you ready to do it all again?

I know it’s a challenging time for you, but I do hope that some of these points of helped in some way. If you need help with the back end of your wedding business, whether it be social media , blogging, or your working on your systems, feel free to contact me here and let me try and take that added pressure off your shoulders.

You didn’t come this far to only come this far

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Have you got some useful motivational tips to share? I’d love to hear about them! Leave them in the comments below!

For help and support with your wedding business, click here to find out how I can help you get back on track!

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