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How to Write Great Wedding Blogs

Wedding Planning

April 16, 2020

How to Write Great Wedding Blogs

A guide to writing great wedding blogs for professionals in the industry.

Blogging creates brand trust and nurtures relationships with current or future customers. (Source)

As a wedding professional, planner, photographer or supplier, the last thing you want to be doing is writing wedding blogs when you need to be out there working on actual weddings. The thing is, having a blog on your website is a fantastic way to market your wedding business. It’s also brilliant for building trust with potential clients and becoming a respected resource in the industry. Couples are searching more than ever on the Internet for easy ways to plan their weddings, looking for their dream suppliers and having their perfect day. By having blog articles, you are answering their questions and queries. However, you must do it right or it won’t work. So, the question is, how do you write the perfect blog article for your wedding business?

Wedding blogging desktop

Write for your perfect wedding client

Writing wedding blogs can be fairly straightforward if you remember this really important point. You need to know who your target audience is. If you just write to everybody, nobody will read your blog article. Know who your ideal wedding client is and write specifically for them. I know this feels like you are missing out on a massive audience, but believe me, the rest will come.

So, getting to know your audience. You know your ideal client, right? That person in your head that’s super in tune with everything you have to offer. They want what you can give them. Are you a wedding planner? What is your niche? What kind of weddings do you plan? Are you more of a luxury wedding planner or do you support DIY weddings? Do you have a minimum budget that you work with? Who is your target bride and groom to be? What do they do for a living? What style of wedding are they looking for? Dig deep and get that persona in your head!

What causes them pain?

Basically, what problems are they having that you could potentially solve? Couples, mainly brides, are looking for advice and tips for their wedding right now. Emotions run high when planning a wedding and there is a lot of scope here that you can help with. You know your ideal client so what kind of things would be causing them problems?

Could you offer them a wedding planning timeline guide of things to do on the run up to their big day? Maybe you could list ways in which they could make their wedding more environmentally friendly? Maybe you could offer tips on how to stick to their wedding budget.

Do some research, put yourself in their shoes and see what issues you can come up with, then brainstorm how you can solve their problems. You could even have a look around at other wedding planning blogs or blogs from other wedding suppliers for inspiration.

What the F are keywords?

Keywords in general terms, are search tags. You know when you’re looking something up in Google and you write what you are looking for in the search box? Well, that is a keyword. Using keywords within your blog articles can help massively in searches and attracting more of your target audience. There is a lot to think about with keywords though, and I will follow up on this in the future but for now, look at this article that explains a bit about it. 

Use a catchy headline in your wedding blog

You need to hook your audience in right from the outset. Give them a reason to click on your article and read it. Don’t be spammy though or click baity. That will get you penalised by Google and you don’t want that. Try and come up with several working titles and look at your keywords. When you have written the final article, go with the most relevant.

use catchy headline pic, 3 brides

Your blog Introduction

hook audience in pic, bride with bouquet

Again, try and hook your audience in. Give a brief outline and let your bride or groom know what they’re getting from this article. Use questions, humour, and fact to grab their attention. Remember, no click bait. Make it relevant and real. You know like a preview in a cinema? A bit like that, maybe less cringy, but leave them wanting more so they read the rest of the article.

Blog subheadings

Subheadings are a fantastic way to break up your article. Nobody, not even a stressed-out bride to be wants to read a gigantic block of text. Break it up!

People can be a little lazy and tend to scan articles if they are looking for certain information. Subheadings help with this, highlighting what is being covered in the body of the article, letting the reader know what’s coming up. Use more keywords in your subheadings. Use your keywords and they can become search terms On Google.

The body of your blog article

This is ultimately where the value of your article is. This is where you give the engaged couple what they want. Answer that all important question. Solve your harassed bride’s problem. Give your expert wedding advice.

Depending on the industry, the longer the article, the better. However, that can be down to personal preference. Don’t be tempted to write an essay about something that can be outlined in just a few paragraphs. Chances are that your potential wedding client really won’t have the time to read it!

Wedding related images, GIFs, and videos, oh my!

As I stated above, nobody wants to read a huge block of writing. Media can break this up nicely. As well as this, certain types of multimedia can really help with your SEO. Video is the way things are going now so if you can have a video in your blog article, chances are you will rank higher.

If that sounded a bit like gobbledegook, don’t worry. Basically, add some interest in your article. Jazz it up a little with an image or a GIF, most people love those. If you can put your blog article into a video and upload it too, that will boost your audience even more!

writing wedding blogs, awkward gif

Blog Conclusion

All good things come to an end and your fantastic wedding blog article is one of them. The conclusion is where you wrap up and recap the important points of the article. It reiterates the information that you’ve given and closes the article down.

It is important that at the end of each article, you ask your satisfied reader to do something. Whether it is to click another link to some more content, maybe subscribe to your newsletter, download a free resource, even to get your potential couple to take the next step and book a consultation, make sure you put in a call to action. It tells your audience what to do next.

These are the basics for writing great wedding blogs. There is quite a bit that goes into it but the most important things to take from this guide is to know exactly who you are writing for and try to answer their questions. Be clear, don’t go around the houses and keep it simple and interesting.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and that you put them into practice! Let me help you out a little bit more by giving you 75 blog post ideas absolutely FREE! Just sign up here.

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Have you got some awesome blogging tips to share? I’d love to hear about them! Leave them in the comments below!

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