Hey there fabulous wedding pro! Are you living the dream and doing what you love but struggling with day to day background tasks that have to be done to keep your biz going? Admin work such as keeping up with client details, lead management, sending out emails, client management, to name a few? Maybe you just have very little time but still need to keep up with your social media marketing, blogs and newsletters? Or maybe you just need some kind of system set up which automates some of your tasks and saves you a bit of time. 

If this sounds like you, I would love to help you out!

I am Virtual Angie, a virtual assistant dedicated to giving you valuable and efficient support in your wedding business.  I can take on all the tasks that need attention in the background while you get back to designing your clients’ special day.  Experience complete, stress free peace of mind as I streamline your business operations and allow you to achieve what you set out to when you started.   

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Blogging & Social Media Management

Sometimes, keeping up with your social media marketing can be a time consuming exercise. It needs to be done but there are so many other things that need your attention. Allow me to take the reins on this. I can research, curate and create content for you and have it ready to go where and when you need it! As for your blog, just give me your topics and consider them done!

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Administrative Assistance

Networking, liaising with industry colleagues and potential clients is all part owning a business. However, the admin work behind it all can get tiresome.
I can help manage your diary, prepare your documents, even take your calls and set up appointments.
You'll soon wonder why you hadn't hired a VA before!

Depending on your needs and the complexity of the projects you would like me to handle, I offer packages specifically tailored for you.  If you would prefer an hourly approach, this can also be negotiated.  For more information, please fill out the contact form below or click the button for package options.

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